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New: Proactive Computer Monitoring

Thanks for choosing us for your computer service needs. We want to let you know that we offer a service that can proactively monitor your computer and alert you if any issues arise.

If it finds an issue, it will let you get in touch with us quickly so we can help. All you need to do is install a lightweight application to your computer and you can rest easy knowing your computer has an extra layer of security.
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Here's how the app can help you:

This service has a range of coverage options that you can choose from so you can choose what level of prevention fits your needs:
If the software detects an issue, it will notify you so you can contact us for service. For example, if we detect that your hard drive is starting to fail, you will be notified and we can ensure you don’t lose any data.
Optionally, you can have us manage your Antivirus software on your computer so you never have to worry about the license expiring - and in the event a virus is detected, we can get rid of it for you. (This is a paid upgrade - reply to this email or contact us now).
Worry free maintenance packages are also available to anyone with this tool installed. Once you install it, contact us to discuss options to provide computer maintenance and management that will keep your computer running smoothly - and even get access to discounted technical support. (This is a paid upgrade - reply to this email or contact us now).

Click Here to Install the Tool


If you have any questions or want to know more about the benefits of this tool, please email us, give us a call at (775)332-6666 or drop by at 100 N Arlington Ave. STE 101 Reno Nevada  89501

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